That's right, I made it in SPANISH.

Why did I do it in another language? Spanish-speaking people represent a significant portion of underserved and at-risk people in the country--thereby making this initiative all the more relevant.

Here are the specs:

  • Try translating it in Google Translator. I used plain language in my report to demonstrate how this movement can help us reach people who do not speak our language, much less understand a very technical document.
  • I use informal language, to put the patient at the same level as the healthcare professional.
  • My colors are 508 compliant and have great contrast for color and grayscale printers. They are also visible by people who have color-blindness.
  • Use of icons as well as color makes my design effective in grayscale and for different types of learners.
  • A calendar is actionable. This is a straightforward way for someone to change their behavior.
  • All the important stuff is shown first. Previous data is also shown.

Try it out