protoRx: medical record redesign for web, tablet, mobile and print

WINNER: Best Medical / Problem History Section - Second Place

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protoRx is a desktop, tablet, mobile and print-friendly medical record prototype with a clean design, visualizations of medical data, and accessibility features. A provider can send a patient home with a printed version, a link to view the information online, or attach it in an e-mail.

protoRx contains patient biographical information, allergies, a timeline of medical conditions, a listing of a patient's care team and upcoming appointments, lab results with graphs, vaccinations with alerts for past-due immunizations, a listing of prescriptions color coded by type, and text listings of provider encounters. protoRx is built using responsive HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, and it works on computers, tablets and mobile devices, and gracefully degrades for legacy browsers. A 'high contrast' link at the top of the page assists those with low vision and the design is printer-friendly. Language options can be added to make protoRx usable for non-English speaking patients. protoRx has been open-sourced on GitHub at

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