Blue Button

WINNER: Best Overall Design - Third Place

Welcome to Blue Button, a new resource for accessing and tracking you and your family's medical information. Using clear, simple and straightforward design, Blue Button makes your medical information easy to access, read and understand. Records are available via mobile, tablet and web making it easy to reference your information anytime, anywhere safely and securely. The web version also features a printable 'pocket guide' that folds into a convenient credit card sized booklet which can be carried in a wallet or purse. It contains critical information that medical professionals might need about you during an emergency situation. Lab reports and full medical history can also be printed or downloaded from the web.

Our approach has been guided by a belief that information is only powerful when it is accessible, both in how it is presented and received. This is why we chose to explore the design from a multi-platform perspective starting with mobile then extending it out to tablet and web. The visual design is characterized by a minimal, high-contrast color palate making the content come forward. A restrained use of symbols and other graphics lets typography and scale determine hierarchy reducing clutter and making information easier on the eye.

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