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Salvatore Iaconesi and design for the Open Source Cure.

Hi everyone. I wanted the incredibly inspiring Health Design Challenge community know about something you may have heard about on CNN. Salvatore Iaconesi is a designer and TED Fellow with brain cancer. He has made all of his records available online, in an "open source cure" effort, "La mia Cura Open Source".

I'd be interested if anyone would like to help adapt their designs to help in Salvatore's efforts:

1. to convert his health data into an interoperable format (also to get it translated from Italian), like the one we've been talking about -- consolidated CDA.

2. to help show the world how Salvatore's health data can be visualized using one or more of the incredible designs you all have have come up with, in a programmatic manner (i.e. rendering the XML file to a visual design automatically in a browser, eg via a JSON conversion). Even if only to facilitate dual English & Italian display, for instance!

Let me know if you're interested. You can find me on Twitter at @henryweimd or else email at .

(I'm Henry Wei, a physician/geek and one of the Presidential Innovation Fellows helping with the Health Design Challenge.)

Thanks, and Happy New Year!


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