•   almost 10 years ago

CLARIFICATION: Mom's Medical Driver's License submission

Clarification: When preparing my submission - which originally included 4 documents (the Blue Button file printed out as is (doc. 1), a physician directed CCD (doc. 2), a patient directed CCD (doc. 3), and a long-version summary of submission - I attempted to upload the files to the document section of the submission, and to satisfy the requirement for an image, included a picture of my son. (In the excitement to meet the deadline, it did not occur to me that pdf files are image files.) When all 4 documents did not accompany the original submission - in an effort to meet the deadline - I sent each document in as a separate submission (again, using the picture of my son to satisfy the requirement in the visual section). It is meant to be 1 submission - which now only includes 3 documents - since there was not enough time to re-submit the original Blue-Button file. Thank you.


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