•   almost 10 years ago

Number of submissions

Can I enter 3 submissions even though I'm not a "team"? It's just me involved in the design.


  •   •   almost 10 years ago

    Looks like time is slowly running out. If an individual cannot submit more than 1 design, I'd like to submit just my entry entitled "Reworked_v1."

    If an individual CAN submit three designs, then we're all good.

    A response would be appreciated though!


  • Manager   •   almost 10 years ago

    Hi Darick,

    An individual or company can submit up to 3.

    It looks like the site was having issues in the final minutes. We've extended the window.

    If you have multiple entries, please get those in.


  •   •   almost 10 years ago

    Awesome, I already got all three in so I'm all good to go.

    Thanks for the response!

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