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The requirements listed are incredibly confusing. Clarification needed, please!

Can we get some more concrete details as to what is desired?

Is this a health summary that is to be given to the patient? Is this a functional EHR that is to be used by the physician? Should we focus more on print design, or web/ux design?

Designing for patients and physicians requires two *vastly* different approaches, and I'm not sure as to what you guys are exactly looking for - something simple and patient-oriented, or something built to be used efficiently by physicians, or both.

In reading the rules and forum posts, it seems like there are others who are confused and the responses aren't really helping.



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    Ryan can correct me if I'm wrong, but this is intended first and foremost as a takeaway given to the patient for their reference and potentially for use by other providers at a later point, absent better access to those same records.

    Think of it like designing your bank statement. You likely (these days) see it online, but you can print it if you like, and it may be useful to give someone else (via print or electronically) who may not have direct access to that data. You should understand what you're seeing on it, and a professional should be able to get relevant information out of it as well.

    Obviously this is more complicated than a simple bank ledger, but perhaps it's an apt comparison.

  • Manager   •   about 10 years ago

    Hi Kyro,

    Thanks for asking your questions. I want to make sure all entrants understand what the challenge is asking for.

    M. Jackson's interpretation is spot on.

    This is a health summary given to a patient. Much like a "bank statement". This is not a EHR or software application.

    Design for the patient. That's your primary target.


    PS - If this doesn't answer your question - do tell me. I can elaborate more.

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