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Is the order listed on http://blue-button.github.com/challenge/files/health-design-challenge-fields.pdf assumed to be order in which you have designated - doctors/nurses have designated or to be random? As we create our sheets some data/ reviews of options by medical professionals on order of importance in clinical settings would be extremely informative. In other words - do medical professionals in a clinical setting find it most important to get Guardian info before plan of care/ lab results? I would assume not - but maybe that is the state of healthcare today. More importantly do medical professionals in a clinical setting find plan of care more useful before the problem list? Where seconds matter - I think any information or links you can provide to studies on this subject would be of use and of utmost importance to any endeavor into this area.


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    Hi Chris,

    There is no "order" to the fields listed. It is up to you to decide that. You have creative freedom there.


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