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Persona and cost effectiveness considerations


Two quick questions:

Personas: While taking in the wide spectrum of personas into account for our designs, are we to help interpret any language in the data as we see fit to best accommodate those demographics mentioned? It would be the opinion of some that the wording could be better projected to those audiences in way that is easier to understand. Nothing to far off base, just making it less difficult and perhaps adding some personality to the headings as someone other than a doctor or nurse would think.

Also, will measures that affect cost be factored when making a decision for this design? Are we to be conscious of keeping these factors in mind? Things such as color, amount of paper consumed, etc...


  • Manager   •   about 10 years ago

    Hi Chris,

    Go for it. By adjusting (improving) wording, you have the ability to make the document easier to understand.

    You do not have to worry about the "cost" of producing the design. We only ask you to think about the feasibility of it. "Can it actually be printed..."

    If you have any other questions, just ask!


  •   •   about 10 years ago

    So in the end is the deliverable a printed document for the patient to carry?

  • Manager   •   about 10 years ago

    Hi Alessandra,

    The focus is the printed health record.

    However, many teams have realized that showing what it looks like on a computer or a mobile device may be valuable. So they are submitting their entires that way.


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